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Gabriella Brigo was born in Milan. She moved to England in 1964 to marry John Walter Cowling, whom she met in Milan.  She has three children: Richard Bernard, Samantha Eileen and Arturo and four grandchildren, Eliza, Lydia, Isabel and Thomas. She lectures in Italian at the University of Kent and has been teaching the language widely since 1974 in Adult Education Centres, Secondary Schools and also River Primary School. She works as an interpreter for the Customs, Kent Police and Immigration, as well as in Magistrates’ and Crown Courts. She also works as a translator covering commercial matters and contracts as well as History, Medicine and Automotive. In the years between 1993 and 1999 she wrote, produced and presented a number of televised Italian teaching programmes in collaboration with several UK and European Universities as well as with RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, Milan and Teletna, Sicily.  These programmes, which were transmitted via satellite, are complete with transcriptions and workbooks and have been published commercially.  She has presented papers on aspects of the cinema both in Italy and in Britain and has attended every year the Venice Film Festival, in a critical capacity, since 1984. She has had a strong commitment to the Visual Arts since adolescence, and worked initially in Pen and Wash and Oil on Canvas and finally, from 1995 until the present, she has established a successful association with the versatile textures of silks, brocade, and satin, etc., machine-embroidered into beautiful pictures, which she calls “Machine Art”.